Save Lives

Save Lives

brand design . Graphic Design II


Each student enrolled in Graphic Design II is asked to create a brand guideline for a campaign to support a cause that they are passionate about. Here I show my work towards creating that campaign and the final guideline book.

95%‭ ‬of U.S‭. ‬adults support organ donation yet only 54%‭ ‬are registered as organ donors‭. ‬This campaign is focused on generating awareness about organ donation and to encourage the target audience to register as donors‭. ‬Because of the huge gap between organ donation support and actual organ donors registered in the U.S‭., ‬this campaign is aimed at‭ ‬closing that gap‭. ‬There are statements added into this campaign to serve as a reminder for those already in support of organ donation‭, ‬as well as those on the fence‭, ‬by identifying the life changing benefits of organ donation‭. ‬

Artboard 3.png

The main audience for this campaign will be younger people‭, ‬between the age of 15-30‭. ‬During this age interval‭, ‬American’s are open to learning about issues and hearing new opinions‭, ‬but may not have completely set their mind on some more controversial topics‭. ‬Focusing on high school students who are new drivers will provide a push to inform them of the benefits of registering at the DMV when getting their first driver’s license‭. ‬The older section of the audience is a population that is still malleable in their thinking and may see the facts demonstrated in the campaign and will take action by registering online‭.‬

:exploring visual themes for the brand

:exploring visual themes for the brand

:exploring colors for the brand

:exploring colors for the brand


There needs to be a strong contrast between the handwritten logo and the fact based information given on any one poster or object in the campaign‭.‬ Mada is a typeface that is clean and simple but not too typical‭. ‬The typeface needs to have multiple weights available to allow for consistency within the campaign while still having a strong hierarchy‭. ‬The Black weight brings a strong unwavering feeling whereas the Regular weight is more relaxed‭, ‬yet still trusting‭.‬


The campaign needs colors that will convey the importance of the topic yet also be attractive to a younger audience‭. ‬The colors should feel accessible and relatable so the young people will feel drawn to the information and products without sacrificing any of the seriousness of the issue‭.‬


The logo of this campaign needs to give a human touch at first glance‭. ‬The campaign is not meant to scare the audience with technical information or facts but is meant to convey a feeling that is understandable and can put the issue in context of human lives‭. ‬By using real handwriting that was imported onto the computer‭, ‬the campaign lives with a brand that is friendly‭. ‬This gives a more human feeling that can relate to and connect with the drawings that support each piece of factual text‭. ‬The heart that sits next to the handwritten type is slightly asymmetric but still clean to show the more serious and blunt aspects of the campaign‭.‬


The posters for this campaign need to feel friendly but also strong‭. ‬To enhance the human aspect of the campaign‭, ‬there are drawings placed along side the serious information‭. ‬The facts presented are contextualized by relating them to the surroundings of the poster‭. ‬They would be hung in areas that have many younger people‭, ‬like the subway‭.‬


This campaign will use physical objects to act as another reminder to viewers of their options for organ donation‭. ‬Keeping the audience in mind‭, ‬this campaign will use objects commonly used by younger people and also have a connection to the registration for organ donation‭. ‬Many younger people use lanyards for car keys‭, ‬wear hats as well as simple t-shirts‭. ‬Each of these objects will stay clean with the Save Lives logo and the campaign colors for consistency‭.‬ Because of the easy registration at the DMV‭, ‬this campaign will use line dividers to serve as a reminder to register at the DMV‭.‬


This campaign will focus on Instagram because of its popularity with the target audience‭. ‬Instagram allows for a wide range of users to explore the content without much effort‭. ‬The images will capture the viewers’‭ ‬attention and then give factual information in the caption‭. ‬The style will stay consistent with the poster series but will be less text based to be better integrated with Instagram feed‭.‬